Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Fiji - Price reductions

Commission announces further reduction in telecommunications prices

The Commerce Commission today released its second pricing determination (since the last determination issued in September 2005)for all telecommunications services including international, fixed line, mobile call charges and broadband charges.

The Commerce Commission made its determination on all telephone charges and authorised further reduction in all international calls from either mobile or fixed line, inter-region calls, mobile retail rates for both peak and off-peak and internet and broadband charges.

The first determination which was issued in September 2005 was for 15months and was to be reviewed in December 2006. However, after further consultation with the carriers and the Government, the review was deferred to allow for the promulgation of the Telecommunications Bill and the Commerce Amendment Bill. These two Bills were to be implemented from March 2007. However, in view of the 5th December events, the promulation of the Bills have been deferred and thus the review of the prices which commenced from March.

The new prices in this determination are to be effected from 1st October 2007 and applies to Telecom Fiji, FINTEL and Vodafone Fiji Limited.

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