Friday, September 25, 2009

Europe - a review by the EC of the work by the Barroso Commission

[ec] Europe is home to a strong telecoms and media industry and to ground-breaking technological innovation. It is the world’s leader in mobile services, high-speed broadband internet and leading researchers: the World Wide Web, the GSM standard for mobile phones, and the MPEG standard for digital music all started their global success in Europe, driven by European talents and entrepreneurship.

Today nearly 50% of productivity growth in Europe is driven by information and communication technologies (ICT). The development of a digital economy and skills are essential to ensuring Europe’s long-term sustainable growth and leadership in tomorrow’s world.

During the Barroso Commission 2004-2009, the European Union placed a new policy emphasis on promoting ICT, new networks and services, and creative media content in Europe by:
• Strengthening fair competition in the telecoms market across the EU;
• Stimulating private and public research and investment in innovation, new services and modern networks in Europe;
• Reducing regulatory obstacles and facilitating the launch of new cross-border communication and audiovisual media services;
• Promoting cultural diversity in Europe’s vibrant and economically successful film and media sector, and by launching a European digital library;
• Making sure that consumers are the main beneficiaries of a competitive, innovative and borderless single telecoms and media market encompassing the 27 EU Member States.

Creating a Single Competitive, Innovative and Borderless: European Telecoms and Media Market for 500 Million Consumers: The achievements of Commission’s Information Society and Media Policies: 2004-2009

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