Thursday, May 26, 2011

Bulgaria - Delays in implementation of the EU directives to reduce consumer contracts from 24 to 12 months

[sofia echo] Bulgaria is delaying the adoption of the new European Directive on telecommunications, which should come into force on May 26 2011, stipulating universal rights for citizens of EU countries and facilitated access to services when using telephone, mobile or internet connections.

According to the new regulations, EU member states should ensure that contracts for telecommunication services do not require an initial commitment period of more than 24 months.

The countries should also allow users to subscribe to a service with a maximum contract duration of up to 12 months and ensure that the process of number portability does not exceed one working day.

In addition, the contracts should also contain detailed information about compensation and reimbursement if the quality of service does not comply with the minimum standards.

These changes should be added to Bulgaria's Electronic Communications Act (ECA), which is still to be co-ordinated among the relevant authorities.

The European Commission has said it would impose penalties on EU states which have failed to prepare for the new regulations.

Bulgaria delays adoption of new EU rules on telecommunications

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