Wednesday, April 11, 2007

USA - corporate use of VoIP

VoIP usage among US businesses growing but not displacing traditional phone lines, says In-Stat
In-Stat - April 11, 2007

US businesses continue to embrace VoIP, but they are not abandoning traditional voice lines, reports In-Stat. VoIP is currently used by 20 percent of US businesses, but 44 percent of these businesses' voice lines remain TDM, the high-tech market research firm says. Robust business adoption of VoIP will continue, as In-Stat predicts that two-thirds of US businesses will have some form of VoIP service by 2011.

“VoIP is particularly attractive to businesses with dispersed workforces, where long distance savings can be easily achieved," says David Lemelin, In-Stat analyst. "However, VoIP is not typically embraced as the sole source of voice communications for the vast majority of businesses that have adopted VoIP to date."

Recent research by In-Stat found the following:

* Multiple VoIP solutions are used by 36% of businesses that have adopted VoIP, with broadband IP telephony solutions resonating most strongly with smaller businesses and IP PBX with larger ones.
* Hosted IP revenues will exceed Broadband IP Telephony (BBIPT) by 2010 in the business market, despite more BBIPT lines being in place.
* Roughly 14% of US businesses have at least some workers who use voice-enabled IM for business purposes.

About the market research report

The In-Stat research, "Business VoIP: Multiple Flavors Drive Growth" (#IN0703862CT), covers the market for business IP telephony. It contains forecasts for hosted IP seats in service and revenue in the US business market through 2010. It also includes forecasts for broadband IP telephone lines deployed and resulting revenues through 2011. It provides analysis of the types of currently deployed and planned BBIPT by US businesses, and business VoIP market trends and barriers.

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