Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Asia-Pacific trends

Top 10 Telecommunications Trends Across Asia/Pacific (Excluding Japan) for 2008

“The preference of the new media sector and corporate users for on-premises solutions have been disruptive to the APEJ telecom industry in the past few years. To stay on top of the market, telcos have been experimenting with various go-to-market offerings, partnerships, solution developments, and network investments models. However, not all experiments generate immediate financial benefits. As a result, telcos are under pressure to find a balance between continual innovation and ensuring positive financial returns in the immediate term from 'cash cow' offerings,” said Sandra Ng, Group Vice President for IDC’s Asia/Pacific Communications, Peripherals, Services and ETAS research.

The Asia/Pacific (excluding Japan) telecom services market was worth over US$215 billion in 2007. In terms of infrastructure, the networking equipment market grew 13% to US$6.6 billion in 2007 while the carrier segment remained a stable market at US$32 billion. Growth from broadband, IP-based and 3G services, and demand for on-premise solutions will further propel the services and infrastructure markets in 2008.

1. Adoption Of Multi-Media Applications Becomes A Reality With 802.11n

2. Streaming Services -- A Silver Mine For Mobile Operators

3. All-IP Mobile (Core) Network: The Market Is Ready

4. Mobilizing The Digital Marketplace -- The Role Of Mobile Operators

5. Opportunities Come In Verticals

6. Communication Services Go Green

7. The “Nine Lives” Of Wireless Local Loop

8. Feeling Secured With IP Surveillance

9. Unified Communications and Web 2.0 Come Together To Accelerate Uptake Of Enterprise Collaboration

10. The Tale Of Two Technologies: HSPA For 3G Carriers Vs Mobile WiMAX For 2G Carriers And Wireline Providers

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