Sunday, October 19, 2008

Roaming - Open Connectivity Hub

22 operators to join Link2One Open Connectivity Hub

Link2One has announced that 22 operators have signed agreements to join the Link2One Open Connectivity Hub.

Link2One started in February 2008 building a multilateral GSM roaming hub that includes signalling, clearing and settlement, agreement management and value added services. This multilateral approach enables operators to access networks around the world with just one link and one agreement.

The company explained that with the proliferation of operators and the advent of networks that will be based on new technologies, the complexity of managing partner relationships is increasing. Roaming managers are faced with coordinating hundreds of agreements and tests and the launch of new products and services to all partners is a slow and complicated process.

Link2One Chairman Peter Coates said, “Having worked in the roaming industry for many years, we’ve seen roaming managers under increasing competitive pressure to create a seamless roaming experience for their customers. Not only for voice, but for data, SMS and MMS as well. That’s why we started Link2One. Our goal is to help operators increase profitability by making it easy to obtain worldwide coverage.”

In July 2008 Link2One conducted a trial of its open connectivity service with 40 potential clients. They agreed to open their networks to real roamers for a period of two weeks. During this period their customers made calls on participating networks.

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