Monday, October 12, 2009

Europe - ETNO report on facts and figures of European operators

[etno] October - On the occasion of its Innovation Day, ETNO unveiled its new Facts and figures Main findings for ETNO 2009 Facts and Figures:

* Revenue growth has continued to decline in 2008 with an overall revenue increase of 0.8% against 1.7 % in 2007. First estimates indicate a growth close to 0% for 2009.
* Total investment in the EU telecoms sector amounted to €47.2 billion, which represents a decrease of 1% compared to 2007. The decrease is mainly noticeable in the fixed segment and particularly significant in the five main EU markets (-3.6%).
* Although their investments decreased more than the average (-2.6%), ETNO members continued to devote on average 12.4% of their revenues and account for 71% of total sector investment.
* The number of Internet and mobile connections continued to grow by 6% while fixed lines dropped by 5% over the past year. Europe counts today approximately 116 million fixed broadband subscribers, a number which is now for the first time overtaken by 3G subscribers with more than 124 million.
* As highlighted by the ETNO Facts and Figures report, main innovation trends include the development of interactive applications, such as networking sites both on fixed and mobile broadband platforms, video and music download offers, and solutions which help residential and corporate users to monitor energy consumption.

ETNO 4th Facts and Figures

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