Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Report entitled "Cloud Computing: Learning from the Pioneers"

[marketwire]Internet Research Group (IRG) today announced the release of its latest report on technology infrastructure, "Cloud Computing: Learning from the Pioneers."

Cloud Computing -- the dynamic provisioning of services over the Internet -- is a growing topic of interest throughout the Information Technology industry. This report focuses on the early adopter use cases for Cloud Computing Services. The Internet Research Group studied early usage of the Cloud through analysis of use case descriptions and interviews with more than fifty Cloud Computing experts. "Cloud Computing: Learning from the Pioneers" categorizes use cases across 100 different organizations.

"The results are interesting because of what has been accomplished in such a short time," noted John Katsaros, co-founder of Internet Research Group. "The results have been surprising when you look at how Cloud Computing can transform the business models of organizations adopting it."

This report creates a meaningful framework for understanding initial usage of Cloud Computing and the impact that Cloud Computing might have on the business models of IT services vendors.

Vendors directly impacted by the Cloud Computing include Amazon, Citrix, Desktone, HP, IBM, EMC, Microsoft, Rackspace, RightScale, Sun Microsystems and VMware.

Internet Research Group Publishes Research Study on Cloud Computing
see also Report table of contents

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