Wednesday, October 17, 2007

UAE - Apple iPhone

Regulator Blocks Exclusivity Deal with U.A.E. Network Operators

The United Arab Emirates' Telecommunications Regulatory Authority (TRA) has announced it will not allow Apple to establish any exclusive network services in the country for its new iPhone.

Significance: The ruling could prevent the phone from obtaining an official release in the federation. Apple's distribution deals set a precedent for a handset manufacturer to share subscription revenues with mobile operators directly. Apple has already obtained a two-year contract in place with the largest U.S. mobile group, AT&T, according to which it takes a share of revenues from sales of iPhone, as well as a regular monthly subscription fee for running servers for some value-added services, like visual voicemail. In the United Arab Emirates, iPhones, which have been unlocked using third-party software, are nevertheless being sold for as much as US$1,100 on the country's black market.

From PWC Communications Direct
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