Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Unified communications

Measuring the Pain: What is Fragmented Communications Costing the Enterprise?

This study has clearly captured the extent of the frustration felt by individuals, managers and teams, and quantified the extraneous costs leaking out of the enterprise as a result.

So where to go from here? This study validates, with convincing results, that the current communications status quo must be addressed, for companies that want to stay competitive and productive. The study clearly demonstrates that those in management roles are especially aware of the frustration and cost being tolerated by employees, yet few know how to change it. The significant financial cost of doing nothing is quantified and summarized on page 12.

The answer in large part is Unified Communications (UC). UC solutions aim to overcome communication obstacles and complexity to communication in the enterprise while optimizing the performance of communications-sensitive business processes. The implications of the study on competitive advantage are clear, and fortunately, there is a logical and actionable path to take. After reviewing the summary findings from our study,the final page of this report provides further guidance on Siemens’ industry-leading UC solution – OpenScape, designed to remove the costly communications guesswork, pain and expense endured by today’s global business community.

Unified Communication Strategies

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