Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Asia - Data roaming

Conexus Mobile Alliance Announces the Launch of Asia’s First Pay-per-day Flat-rate Data Roaming Tariff Plan and Other Member Privileges

Conexus Mobile Alliance (“the Alliance”), one of the largest mobile alliances in Asia with a combined customer base of around 160 million mobile subscribers, today announced the launch of Asia’s first-ever pay-per-day data roaming flat-rate tariff plan and a host of member privileges, with an aim to deliver ground-breaking, genuine and tangible benefits to international roamers and realize its vision of offering the highest level of customer satisfaction in mobile services to corporate and consumer markets.

Mr. Chan Kin Hung, Chairman of the Alliance’s Board and Head of StarHub’s Advanced Multimedia Services said, “We are very pleased with this achievement in bringing the first-ever pay-per-day data roaming flat-rate plan in Asia. With the increasing popularity of mobile broadband (HSDPA) roaming in the region, it is important for the Alliance to offer peace of mind to our customers as they use these services while roaming. For a typical HSDPA session, the consumption of mobile data can be in the tens of megabytes, so the conventional way of data charging (i.e. per kilobyte usage) may not meet customers’ needs as it will be costly. This move demonstrates our commitment in offering customers cost-effective data roaming charges while roaming onto all member networks.”

Added Mr. Chan, “As this plan operates on a per-day basis, it gives members’ customers greater flexibility in how they manage their mobile bills, enabling travelers staying overseas to determine their mobile expenditure depending on the number of days they use these roaming services. It is a more customer-friendly way of data charging. When the pay-per-day data roaming flat rate plan is launched in the first quarter of 2008, our subscribers will be able to enjoy the convenience of mobile broadband roaming with an affordable and predictable pay-per-day flat rate in roaming. We believe that this will lead the industry in driving the usage of mobile data while roaming.”

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