Thursday, November 15, 2007

Maldives - Prepaid Local Number - Roaming

Dhiraagu Introduces International Mobile Prepaid Roaming Service

Effective today 15 November 2007, Dhiraagu introduces International Roaming service for Prepaid Mobile customers. With this new development all Dhiraagu prepaid mobile customers could use roaming service while overseas. This is the first time in the Maldives that Prepaid mobile customers would be able to use their GSM phones abroad.

Dhiraagu prepaid customers will be able to use roaming facility with 195 operators in more than 80 countries. The initial phase of prepaid roaming would allow Dhiraagu prepaid mobile customers to send and receive SMS, receive calls and send call-me-back requests while roaming. Receiving calls while on roaming would be cheaper than making calls. In addition Dhiraagu prepaid customers can also send and receive MMS and use GPRS where these services are supported. Customers who want to recharge their prepaid mobile accounts while on roaming may use Dhiraagu recharge vouchers or simply recharge through Dhiraagu Quick Top-up or Quick Recharge service. To activate international roaming service, customers can simply send a blank SMS to 515. There is no monthly fee or deposit required. The roaming charges are determined by the visited country’s operator but there will be no charge for SMS received. For details please refer to the tariff table.

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