Friday, November 30, 2007

Europe - ECTA Regulatory Scorecard

2007 Regulatory Scorecard

ECTA Regulatory Scorecards are studies on the effectiveness of regulation and the link between effective regulation and investment.

The question of how best to drive growth and innovation in the telecoms sector is high on the agenda with the 2006 review of the Electronic Communications Framework. Europe has to choose between two paths for the future of the telecoms sector: competitiveness, choice and investment or re-monopolisation and stagnation. By measuring the powers and performance of NRAs and the regulatory regimes overall, the Scorecard Report seeks to determine how effectively each of 16 countries promotes investment and competition as at 31st August 2005.

The Regulatory Scorecard, commissioned by ECTA, concludes that across 16 EU countries, investment in telecoms has suffered where regulation has failed to tackle dominant companies, whilst countries that have opened their markets to competition by imposing effective regulation have stormed ahead.

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