Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Europe - future of the Internet

European Commission - Internet and media

White paper on the Networked Media of the future, by Networked Media Task Force (NM-TF) that cmprises of three Networks of Excellence in the area of Networked Media funded under the EC Framework Programme 6, October 2007.

Report on User Centric Media - Future and Challenges in European Research, the cluster of EU projects on User Centric Media of the Information Society and Media Directorate General of the European Commission. The report encompasses the contributions from 11 European Research projects funded under the 6th EU Research and Development Framework Programme (for further information on the projects contributing to this report please refer to Annex III of the report).

The Advisory Group of the IST Program (ISTAG) has published a report on New Business Sectors in Information and Communication Technologies, The Content Sector as a case study

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