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Increased mobile web usage

Mobile Web Usage Explodes Worldwide According to AdMob September 2008 Metrics

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AdMob, the world's largest mobile advertising marketplace, today highlighted the rapid and global growth of mobile Web and application usage over the past year in their September 2008 AdMob Mobile Metrics Report. The growth is widely distributed with 34 countries sending more than 10 million ad requests to AdMob’s network in September 2008, compared to only 16 countries in September 2007.

This month marks the one year anniversary of the report and in that time the number of monthly ad requests in the AdMob network tripled from 1.6 billion in September 2007 to 5.1 billion in September 2008. According to the report, the increase is attributable to a combination of organic growth from AdMob’s legacy publishers and addition of thousands of new mobile sites and applications to the company’s publisher network. The number of mobile sites and applications in AdMob’s network increased to more than 6,000, with 4,308 publishers requesting ads in September 2008.

Other highlights from the September 2008 report:

Worldwide, the Apple iPhone is now the number 4 handset after the Motorola RAZR, Nokia N70, and Motorola KRZR. There were 103 million ad requests from iPhones worldwide in September 2008.
In the US, 16 of the current Top 20 devices are new from September 2007. These new devices, such as the Samsung Instinct and Apple iPhone, deliver an improved mobile Web browsing experience including larger screen sizes, faster network connections, and other enhanced capabilities. However, the Motorola RAZR and KRZR are still the top two handsets in the US today.

In the UK, the Nokia N95 gained share steadily throughout the year and is now the leading handset with 9.7 percent share of requests. The SonyEricsson K800i and W810i, the number 1 and number 5 handsets respectively in September 2007, both remain in the Top 5 a year later.

Worldwide ad requests fell 0.8 percent month over month to 5.1 billion, while ads served increased 26 percent to 4.5 billion. U.S. requests grew 8.8 percent to 2.0 billion in September 2008. As part of AdMob’s ongoing quality initiatives, the company implemented certain minimum thresholds and stopped serving ads in low performing inventory, leading to the decline in worldwide requests.

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