Tuesday, December 30, 2008

USA - images of pre-paid mobile

The mythology of prepaid wireless

Only 16% of Americans use prepaid wireless phones today — a figure much lower than that of other developed countries, according to a new study by the New Millennium Research Council. What's even more striking is that the NMRC estimates that 30% of Americans, including 25 million adults, would save money using a prepaid plan rather than staying on a postpaid contract, but they don't switch. Why? NMRC says there are several myths about prepaid that steer consumers away from such value-focused plans. While carriers don't perpetuate these myths, they don't have much incentive to discourage them, as contract customers are much more valuable to them than prepaid customers. A survey conducted for the NMRC by Opinion Research Center found that:

of Americans feel they are always under contract and therefore cannot switch to a prepaid plan without being penalized.

believe that prepaid is only for people who rarely, if ever, use their cell phones.

agree while 44% disagree with the statement that a postpaid customer always will pay less than a prepaid customer.

believe that prepaid phones are available in “very basic models.”

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