Tuesday, January 06, 2009

BT - assessing customers' carbon footprint

BT To Launch Carbon-Footprint Assessment Service to German Clients

The German branch of BT Global Services has launched a "Carbon Impact Assessment" service on the local market, according to a company press release. The service is aimed at large corporate and public-sector organisations with large IT functions, providing them with a new means to reduce their energy consumption and carbon footprint. When measuring a client's carbon impact, the BT's team takes into account the employees' work patterns—in terms of e.g. commuting, business travel, and use of IT—as well as how the organisations business operations and building infrastructure adds to the emissions.

Significance: By assessing clients' energy efficiency, BT Germany will provide itself with a new channel through which it can offer its IT solutions. According to the company, possible means for reducing the carbon footprint may include, for example: further consolidation and virtualisation of data centres; increased flexibility on working locations, as a way to enable employees to work more from home or on the move; and cutting down on business travels by replacing physical meetings with audio and video conferencing. Besides contributing to its own corporate PR, all these areas work as sources of revenue for the British company.

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