Friday, August 07, 2009

UK: Stephen Timms returns as part-time minister for digital Britain

[bbc] Treasury minister Stephen Timms is to take charge of delivering the plan for the future of the UK digital industry.

Mr Timms, who remains as financial secretary to the Treasury, will report in the new role to Lord Mandelson and Culture Secretary Ben Bradshaw.

The Digital Britain blueprint was published in June by ex-communications minister Lord Carter.

The plan proposed measures including a £6-a-year charge on all phone lines to pay for next generation broadband.

The plan's other key points include making broadband access available to all by 2012, a changed role for Channel 4, a consultation on how to fund local, national and regional news and a push towards digital radio.

Mr Timms is a former e-commerce minister who previously worked in the telecommunications sector.

Downing Street said creative industries minister Sion Simon would lead on aspects of the report in the Department for Culture, Media and Sport, with the work overseen by Culture Secretary Ben Bradshaw and Business Secretary Lord Mandelson.

Timms to lead 'Digital Britain'

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