Monday, August 10, 2009

USA: 40% of consumers strongly prefer a single portable device for all applications

[teleclick] Forty percent of American consumers would strongly prefer to have one portable device that performs various functions, rather than carrying separate devices, according to a recent study by Data Development Worldwide (DDW).

This preference has been a driving force behind the fast-growing popularity of smartphones, which often combine voice, data, music, and multimedia functions into a single product, and make it less necessary for the user to carry a laptop.

Just because a device has all the features, however, doesn’t necessarily mean consumers will use them. Consumers who frequently use mobile banking, for example, are still more likely to be interested in a laptop or netbook than a web-ready smartphone.

“Just because technology makes a capability possible doesn’t mean that consumers will value it,” explained DDW managing director, Chip Lister. “The device with the right mix of capabilities delivered at the right price point is going to win in this market.”

That “right mix of capabilities,” without over-developing a product, is exactly what handset, netbook, and laptop manufacturers must strive for.

40% of Americans Prefer Single Mobile Device
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