Friday, March 12, 2010

Australia - New mobile comparison site helps find better deals

[prweb] A new mobile phone site has just launched in Australia, allowing users to compare more than 1,000 different handsets and plans. The site,, compares the best live deals on Australian mobile handsets, phone plans, prepaid and cap-plan options.

News Image“ makes choosing a mobile phone plan easy to understand,” says Alex Amodeo, managing editor of “The Australian mobile industry can be quite overwhelming. It contains a huge number of plans and handsets, and there's a lot of technical information. We wanted to simplify the process to make mobile phone comparisons a breeze.

"Everyone looks for different product features, so we focussed on customisable search options and bold, clear results. As our other product comparison sites have proven, it's about putting the power back in people’s hands so that they can compare products with a few clicks of a mouse. A great user experience is the most important factor in building a loyal and active online audience.”

The site also features a large library of articles exploring new phone technology, emerging features, and things to look out for before signing long-term phone contracts.

"There's some great deals out there," says Amodeo, "it's just about making sure you find a deal that suits your needs. Our search tools are versatile enough for people who aren’t sure which mobile option to choose, as well as technical users who know exactly what they want.”

Amodeo says he expects that the site will grow to over 1 million mobile product searches in its first year. "Given that every year millions of Australians upgrade to a new mobile phone or plan, we think there's huge potential. Consumers are always looking for the best deals and the latest handset features."

"We already have a fairly comprehensive assortment of options but we're obviously looking to substantially improve on it in the next few weeks," said Amodeo. "We've tried to cover every kind of mobile user out there: bring your own phone users, iPhone & Android users ... everyone."

MobileBuddy is owned and operated by the same people behind the finance comparison site & the broadband comparison site

New mobile Comparison Site Helps Australians Find Better Deals
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