Monday, March 08, 2010

Hong Kong - 100Mbps + Wi-Fi broadband at HK International Airport (HKIA)

[GLOBE NEWSWIRE] Hong Kong Broadband Network Ltd ("HKBN"), a wholly owned subsidiary of City Telecom (HK) Limited, today announced the launch of 100Mbps + WiFi broadband connectivity at the new North Satellite Concourse of the Hong Kong International Airport (HKIA).

Equipped with ten new bridge-served stands for narrow-bodied planes, the 20,000-square-metre North Satellite Concourse is designed to serve over 5 million passengers a year at the initial stage, ensuring the same level of service for the growing number of passengers flying on smaller aircraft.

Keeping travelers online before boarding and between flights, HKBN is the sole service provider of the free 100Mbps broadband connection at the new concourse, making it one of the very few terminals in the world that provide such high speed connection. Furthermore, HKBN's renowned fibre network also enables travelers with unlimited speedy Wi-Fi internet access at almost anywhere, with any Wi-Fi enabled devices throughout the entire concourse, courtesy to hotspots supported by our long term partner Y5ZONE.

HKBN's Mr. John Chong, Managing Director of Corporate Division, said: "With more and more travelers around the world flying in, out and through Hong Kong, the HKIA has established itself as one of the best airports worldwide through the years. Being a pioneering broadband service provider in Hong Kong, HKBN is proud to support HKIA's long term strategy in enhancing competitiveness with our advance fibre network and world class services."

Hong Kong Broadband Launches bb100 + WiFi Services at Hong Kong International Airport

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