Monday, March 29, 2010

Mobile - Knowledge Gap in Key 4G Technology Area

[PRnewswire] While Evolved Packet Core (EPC) technology is widely seen as a key building block for 4G mobile networks, most network operators are in danger of falling behind competitors in the race to embrace and deploy EPC, according to preliminary results of an industry-wide survey now being conducted by UBM TechWeb's Light Reading.

Light Reading's Evolved Packet Core Benchmark, sponsored by Tellabs, measures network operators' EPC readiness through a series of questions covering basic understanding of EPC technology, current and projected investment, resource commitment, and level of engagement with potential EPC suppliers. The study is part of the new Light Reading Benchmark Series, which aims to provide telecom industry professionals with a quick and powerful way to assess their organizations' technology readiness compared with their competitors.

Among early respondents to the EPC Benchmark, more than 60 percent of network operator respondents said EPC is essential to their companies' five-year network plans, but only 40 percent said their company now has a team in place to track EPC development, and only 34 percent said their company is "extremely familiar" with EPC.

Based on overall evaluation of survey responses, about 25 percent of respondents to date work for operators that can be described as "EPC savvy"; about 50 percent work for companies that are at risk of falling behind the EPC deployment curve; and the remaining 25 percent are in need of an EPC wake-up call.

Light Reading Survey Reveals Knowledge Gap in Key 4G Technology Area

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