Monday, February 14, 2011

Montenegro - Telenor will renumber to +297-01 and replace SIM cards

[telecom paper] Telenor Montenegro announced that it will replace its customers' Sim Cards with new ones by September to comply with a new law that requires mobile operators in Montenegro to introduce a new mobile country code. A new code was introduced as the country split from Serbia and gained its independence. The new code of Telenor Montenegro is 297 01, which it has been successfully implemented in technical systems and networks of its roaming partners. After a phase of implementation and testing, Telenor has the appropriate conditions for the replacement of the SIM cards of all of its customers. Aside from the new code, the new SIM cards have more active content, such as direct access to the balance inquiry, activation and deactivation of a number of services, fun categories (horoscope, jokes, love puzzle) and Facebook. Replacing customers' Sim cards will not be charged.

Telenor Montenegro to replace all Sim cards by September

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