Friday, June 20, 2008

Europe - one year of the Roaming Regulation

The EU Roaming Regulation – One Year On

One Year of Lower Mobile Charges Abroad.
More Price Cuts for Voice Calls to Follow on 30 August.
Will Industry Voluntarily Reduce SMS and Data Roaming Charges?

Today is the anniversary of the EU Roaming Regulation, which entered into force on 30 June 2007. Since then, the introduction of the Eurotariff has led to savings of up to 60% for consumers using their mobile phone to make and receive calls abroad within the EU (roaming). They will benefit from further reductions by 30 August as prices will be capped at €0.46 for making calls and €0.22 for receiving calls for the coming year. The European Commission is now assessing whether there have been satisfactory developments in the prices of data roaming (including SMS and MMS) before deciding on whether the Regulation needs to be extended to also cover these services. A deadline set by Commissioner Reding in February to the mobile industry for voluntary reductions of roaming prices for text messages and mobile data services expires today, close of business.

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