Sunday, June 08, 2008

Zain - Celtel - network expansion

Celtel to Expand Mobile Network to Ease Congestion Issues

In Zambia, Malawi, Nigeria and Tanzania, Celtel mobile customers are facing network congestion and disruptions due to an oversubscribed network that requires expansion.

Celtel, however, says it is working tirelessly to decongest the system and avoid future problems across Africa. Celtel Zambia alone plans to spend more than US$200 million to expand its network.

"We want to expand and improve the network so that customers can continue to communicate at affordable rates and without difficulties," said Celtel Zambia Managing Director David Venn.

In Nigeria this year, the court heavily fined Celtel for operating a congested and, in some cases, unavailable network while customers continued paying for services. Similarly, the Communications Authority of Zambia released a report two months ago that indicated the company, along with other mobile service providers in the country, was providing a substandard network. The communications Authority of Zambia said Celtel's service provision to its customers was not satisfactory and amounted to theft.

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