Sunday, December 12, 2010

USA - FCC has published its latest Broadband Deployment report - at end of 2009 58% of connections were less than 3Mbps

[converge digest] The FCC published its Broadband Deployment Report, providing detailed statistics across the United States based on data from 31-December-2009. The report categorizes connections into speed tiers defined by eight ranges of downstream speed and nine ranges of upstream speed.

At year-end 2009, 58% of reportable connections (or 76,594,000 connections) were slower than 3 mbps in the downstream direction, 12% (or 16,172,000 connections) were at least 3 mbps in the downstream direction but slower than 6 mbps, and 30% (or 40,382,000 connections) were at least 6 mbps in the downstream direction. Extensive charts and tables are included in the 83-page report.

FCC Releases Sixth Broadband Deployment Report

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