Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Cyprus - CyTA will appeal a €3.4 million fine for violating competition regulations

[cyprus mail] THE Cyprus Telecommunications Authority (CyTA) plans to appeal a €3.4 million fine for violating competition regulations to the Supreme Court.

The Committee for the Protection of Competition (CPC) fined the authority after complaints were filed by companies Netsmart and Thunderworx, claiming Cyta had refused to provide the necessary substructure and services so the two companies could become active in the local telecommunications market. The CPC ruled that this was a violation of free competition rules.

But speaking to the House Finance Committee yesterday, CyTA deputy manager George Koufaris said the semi-government organisation felt the CPC decision was wrong and had therefore decided to appeal the ruling at the Supreme Court. He added that CyTA paid €1.3 million back in December - the first installment for the fine - and planned to cough up a further €1.9 million now. The funds for the first fine, according to Koufaris, were taken from the authority's fund for unexpected expenses, while the second would come from Cyta's supplementary budget.

Speaking after the meeting, Committee Chairman, DIKO's Nicolas Papadopoulos, said any behaviour by semi government organisations that violate the principle of competition would never be accepted.

"Competition operates for the benefit of consumers and any organisation or company that violates these basic principles must deal with the sanctions of the law," said Papadopoulos.

CyTA to appeal anti-competition fine

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