Monday, January 03, 2011

Jersey - Increased access to Wi-Fi through partnership between Jersey Telecom and The Cloud

[ifcfeed] Islanders can now access faster and more secure public access WiFi in a number of locations thanks to a new partnership between Jersey Telecom and The Cloud.

The Cloud, not to be confused with cloud computing, is Europe's leading wireless internet service provider with 22,000 access points across Europe. In Jersey it will be available in a wide variety of public places including Jersey Airport, Liberation Station and Fort Regent. The Cloud also allows for Jersey’s first outdoor sites to be introduced and the first of such places will be the Weighbridge Park and Broad Street with more to follow in the near future.

Users will benefit from increased security through The Cloud’s filtering system, faster connections due to the better bandwidth available and use of The Cloud’s network in any of its locations across the Channel Islands and the UK.

Tim Ringsdore, managing director of the CI Division of Jersey Telecom, said: “In direct response to increased usage of JT’s public WiFi hotspots over the last twelve months, we have partnered with The Cloud to bring secure and easy to access WiFi to our customers while in Jersey or while traveling. Mobile roaming customers are already using up to 125% more data in the UK than last year, The Cloud means they won’t have to pay data roaming charges and for business customers access at the majority of UK train stations, Canary Wharf & City of London is sure to be a huge benefit.”

Mr. Ringsdore added: “Despite there being charges associated with The Cloud, we have ensured that usage is free for the first half hour which will suit the majority of customers’ usage, and after that an affordable one off charge or monthly subscription option will be available. Thanks to the many advancements being offered though this partnership, JT is able to support a faster more efficient service, meaning that end-users are not only getting a safer experience but also fundamentally a better one.”

Subscription will be £5 / month for a 12 month contract. Anyone signing up to The Cloud will get the first three month’s usage free.

The future of WiFi arrives in Jersey

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