Monday, March 17, 2008

Iraq - fixed wireless access

Itisaluna Officially Launches Operations and Shed Light on Services

Itisaluna Abr Al Iraq, the latest national Wireless Fixed Voice and Data Telecommunications Company announced the launching of its first phase operations in Baghdad and Basra in two press conferences held in the two cities.

The press conferences included a detailed explanation about fixed wireless voice and internet services provided by Itisaluna and was presented by a team of experts from the company. The voice service will allow subscribers to make on-network, off-network and international calls. Other added value services will include short messaging service, call waiting, call forward and voice mail.

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With its prestigious phone Brands such as Huawei, Hantel, Motorola and Axesstel, Itisaluna offers its customers the privilege of getting full experience from its fixed wireless voice services through enjoying a bundle of added value features which were exclusive to mobile phones only. These features include ring back tones, SMS2TV, and interactive voice response.

Itisaluna's team explained in depth the CDMA2000 technology (Code Division Multiple Access System), the latest third generation (3G), which relies on spread spectrum technology for data transfer and security.

The team also discussed in the press conferences the wireless internet services provided by Itisaluna. They pointed out that there are two options with different speeds, 1X internet service with a speed up to 150Kbps and the high-speed internet (EVDO), with a speed up to 3.1Mbps. These systems come to address the different needs of the society whether they are businesses, companies, individuals or students. Furthermore, products designated to wireless connection such as modems and fixed and wireless routers suitable for laptops and PCs were on display in the conferences.

Moreover, the team talked about Itisaluna's strategic expansion plan which is divided into 5 stages and starts with Baghdad and Basra as the first phase, southern provinces as second phase, then to expand gradually across the country to reach 100% coverage in the first year of operations.

"Today we have invited our colleague journalists and media representatives because we believe in the importance of the effort you exert in communicating the latest advancements in the field of

telecommunications to the people." An official spokesperson from Itisaluna said. "We want to cooperate with all of you because we believe in transparency in all the work we do and want to share with you all of our future successes."

Itisaluna highlighted in the press conferences its ambitious plans and goals which reflect its commitment as a national company aiming at achieving major advancement in the field of telecommunications in Iraq, which in turn will contribute to the economic growth, social stability in the country and promote the culture of new technologies and internet across Iraq.

Therefore, Itisaluna have more than 1500 point of sales in Baghdad and Basra to increase its reachability to and service accessibility by subscribers.

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