Thursday, March 27, 2008

Japan - rural broadband

Japan Panel Seeks Combination of Wired, Wireless Telecom Networks

A Japanese advisory panel asked the government Wednesday to install wired and wireless networks in combination to improve the availability of broadband telecommunications services at rural areas.

A combination of fiber-optic cables, mobile phone relay stations and communications satellites would be useful in overcoming telecom service gaps between urban and rural areas at lower costs, the panel said.

The Japanese government plans to complete broadband networks across the country by the end of March 2011. But progress has been slow due to massive investment needed in rural areas.

The panel also proposed promoting the use of small mobile phone relay stations in order to eliminate out-of-service areas.

The public and private sectors need to spend a maximum 1.2 trillion yen to implement the recommended measures, the panel said.

Based on the recommendations, the government will compile detailed action plans in June.

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