Monday, July 28, 2008

Africa - the rise of pay television

Five out of every seven new subscribers choose GTV!; GTV has become Africa's fastest growing pay-television service according to a new research report

If you subscribed to a pay-television service in Africa in the last year, then the chances are that you selected GTV. In fact over the last 9 months, 5 out of every 7 new subscribers to satellite television chose GTV, according to a recent report by Balancing Act, the leading African research company specializing in the media and communications sectors.

This is even more remarkable when you consider that it was only a year ago that GTV burst on to the previously monopolised pay-TV scene and in such a short period of time has already established itself as the people's choice for satellite television entertainment.

Julian McIntyre, Founder and Managing Director said, "We respect that people have a choice as to how they spend their money for entertainment and we are incredibly proud that so many African families are choosing GTV. With the tremendous demand we are experiencing, I am more convinced than ever that we will realize our dream of delivering affordable satellite television to every home in Africa."

Demand for the GTV service has been driven by the chance to enjoy a broad range of high quality television channels at an affordable price, with various packages to meet the budget of every African family. Despite a reputation as a leading sports broadcaster, with live coverage of the Barclays Premier League amongst other major sports leagues, GTV broadcasts a range of exciting content to satisfy the desires of all members of the African family, including movies, soaps, series, music, documentaries, religion and news.

GTV currently offers its service in 20 markets across the continent and intends to expand to over 30 countries by year-end. GTV has activated over 100,000 subscribers and estimates that they have over 1.25 million regular viewers on a monthly basis. With its rapid growth path, GTV estimates that it will connect millions of subscribers over the next few years.

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