Monday, August 02, 2010

Australia - Internet industry has launched its own manifesto asking can the Internet be advanced or hobbled by politicians?

[iia] Today in Melbourne at 12.00pm the IIA launched its "manifesto on internet policy and regulation, with principles and recommendations to guide decision making".

"We'll be requesting political parties to respond to its recommendations over the coming weeks," IIA chief executive, Peter Coroneos, said.

"It asks the question, under what circumstances can the Internet in Australia be advanced or hobbled by politicians today."

The report argues that the speed of technological change outstrips the ability of legislation and legislators to keep up.

"Should or can they, regulate the internet to tackle social policy challenges arising in the wake of rapid technological change without damaging our capacity to innovate and compete?

If laws are passed, can they be enforced?

Is technology to blame or are we really dealing with age old human problems that neither laws nor technology can regulate?

These are questions implicit in this document," Coroneos said.

The document offers a reality check to the internet policy debate by urging a return to first principles such as where Australia stands against our western counterparts. It argues we tend to over-regulated in content matters for often symbolic political reasons.

"We lack a local research base to support proposals notably in areas of cyber crime and cyber safety," he said.

The document is the work of the Internet Industry Association. Given the diversity of IIA's broad based membership there are necessarily a range of opinions within the member base. Consequently, the perspectives, principles and recommendations contained within do not necessarily imply the endorsement of any individual member organisation.

IIA Manifesto 2010 launch
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