Thursday, August 26, 2010

Australia - Without the NBN Cloud computing will be impossible

[crn] Cloud distie InfraServe says poor network leads to vicious cycle.

Cloud computing without a decent network is like owning a Formula One car and not having a decent track to drive on.

It is the next major disruptive information technology and will be as revolutionary as the PC.

We see the demand first hand at InfraServe, especially from SMEs that have overcome their security phobia or the perception that they don't know where their data lives.

The biggest question our resellers ask is "how fast can my customer access their data?"

It's a question that we can't answer beyond providing them the right level of computing resources for their virtual server, desktop or cloud storage.

It's like asking a Formula One mechanic "how fast can my car go over a dirt track?" His answer I am sure would be "Regardless of how well set up it is, not very fast!"

Although we source the best cloud services from the best providers we can't provide the user with a service to allow them to get the best out of the cloud without a decent network in place such as the NBN. Reputable cloud vendors won't invest in Australia because they will be handicapped by our poor network.

Consumers don't want cloud services because it is too slow and vendors won't build cloud services, because it can't be delivered well.

This severely hampers companies such as ours and the progression of Australia into the cloud. This will cause Australia to become a less attractive place for migration and business investment.

Just as the internet opened vast opportunities and brought the world closer we now need to build a decent network to stay ahead.

Opinion: No cloud without NBN

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