Friday, August 13, 2010

Australia - scrapping the NBN plan will cost 700 IT skilled jobs

[] Julia Gillard’s plans to bring 700 highly skilled National Broadband Network jobs to Melbourne will be scrapped under Tony Abbott’s broadband plans released today.

Treasurer and Minister for Information and Communications Technology Minister John Lenders said it was a disgrace that Tony Abbott and Ted Baillieu would abandon plans to build the NBN’s national operations centre in Melbourne.

“Tony Abbott and Ted Baillieu are set to be the biggest Victorian job-killers since the Global Financial Crisis,” Mr Lenders said.

“We campaigned hard to bring the hub of the National Broadband Network to Melbourne only for Tony Abbott and Ted Baillieu to try to take it away.

“While Tony Abbott is set to rip the heart out of Victoria’s economic future Ted Baillieu is too weak to stand up to Mr Abbott and too weak to stand up for Victorian jobs.

“Only Julia Gillard and John Brumby will bring the 700 highly skilled NBN jobs to Melbourne.

“Ted Baillieu has never had to work a day in his life and he does not value jobs – that’s why he opposes the new jobs at the National Broadband Network, our major events industry, new investment in renewable energy and the channel deepening project which secures jobs and investment for the future.”

Mr Lenders said under Julia Gillard’s plan Victoria was set to capitalise on an exciting economic future.

“Securing the NBN in Melbourne sets up the next phase of Victoria’s economy – following Victoria’s historic agricultural, mining, manufacturing and services phases,” Mr Lenders said.

“Labor’s National Broadband Network will deliver hundreds of jobs to young Victorians looking for a rewarding career in a city with an exciting ICT future.

“Tony Abbott’s plan means no new jobs for Victorians and Ted Baillieu is a weak lightweight who does not have what it takes to stand up for Victorian families.

“Tony Abbott and Ted Baillieu don’t understand why the National Broadband Network is so important for Victoria’s economy and for long term job growth into the future.”


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