Thursday, August 26, 2010

UK - Internet use compared favourably with leading economies

[cable] The UK compares favourably to some of the biggest digital economies in the world in terms of internet access, according to Race Online 2012.
Access to broadband in the UK compares favourably to some of the world's most developed digital economies.

Internet usage in this country is slightly ahead of the US and just behind Sweden, according to head of policy at campaign group Race Online 2012 Graham Walker.

He described Britons as "the most sophisticated internet users in Europe", pointing out that more than half of all UK consumers with home or business broadband access have bought or sold goods and services online.

Furthermore, there are more Facebook users in this country than in any other nation in the world apart from the US, Mr Walker explained.

The expert added: "50 per cent of all travel is now booked online, [which is] worth more than £17 billion a year."

Earlier this month, broadband provider BT pledged to increase the speed of its network at sites around the country, with more than 140,000 homes and businesses in the north-west among those that will benefit.

UK broadband use ahead of the US, says expert

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