Monday, August 30, 2010

USA - Survey shows 52% oppose and only 40% support the National Broadband Plan

[bbc] A majority of Americans believe the government's plan to deliver a high speed internet connection to every citizen by 2020 is either not important or should not be embarked upon.

The Pew Internet Project said 52% of survey respondents felt that way while 40% felt the issue was a top priority.

The surprise outcome comes amid a fierce debate about broadband.

"We are in economic hard times and any government spending is a hard sell," said report author Aaron Smith.

"The recession could be behind this sentiment that other issues are more important. It could also be that many non-users are nervous about a government promoting technology that they don't use, are unsure of and see as not really offering much of a clear benefit to them," Mr Smith told BBC News.

US broadband plan 'not a priority' finds survey

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