Monday, February 23, 2009

Roaming - Balkans

MobilTel Customers Talk at Low Cost across Balkans

The customers of Bulgaria’s first and largest GSM operator, MobilTel, are offered new low-cost roaming packages M-Tel Balkan Talk and M-Tel Business Balkan Talk. While roaming the Balkans, the users of these two packages will enjoy the lowest possible prices for incoming and outgoing calls in the networks of the following mobile operators: Vip mobile (Serbia), Vip operator (Macedonia), Vodafone (Turkey) and VIP net (Croatia).
M-Tel Balkan Talk with included 60 minutes talking time costs 79 levs (VAT included) and the calls in the networks of the abovementioned operators cost 1.32 levs per minute (VAT included). The business clients of M-Tel who use M-Tel Business Balkan Talk have 60 minutes talking time in roaming for 59 levs (VAT excluded monthly subscription fee). A minute call time in the above listed networks costs 0.98 lev.

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