Monday, February 23, 2009

Saudi Arabia - roaming offers

Telephone operators offer new sops to lure customers

Telephone operators continue to attract consumers by offering sops through promotion campaigns. Every few days a new promotion campaign is launched with attractive offers.

In order to promote business, these operators often join hands with other commercial establishments and jointly offer attractive offers.
Saudi Telecom (STC) and Jarir Bookstore this week jointly announced the launch of promotion campaign offering ‘free Internet connection for one-month on purchase of a laptop.’

The promo goes like this “free Internet chip with free monthly Internet subscription at all Jarir branches.”

STC, the largest mobile telecom operator in the Middle East and the largest Internet provider in the region, is offering the internet packages in cooperation with Jarir Bookstore, a press statement said.

It said the offer enables customers to receive a free Internet chip without installation or monthly fees in addition to a monthly Internet subscription of Internet package including 1 GB to 5 GB and an open package on purchasing any laptop from Jarir Bookstore.

The offer is unique, it says because it runs without monthly fees facilitating the users to go online anywhere by using the highest speed and technology enabling web-browsing, e-mail access without any restriction.

STC operates the largest and most advanced network covering 98 percent of the Kingdom’s inhabited area in addition to having the most advanced 3G network in the Kingdom. Due to this expansion, STC is considered as one of the fastest growing telecom company in the world, the press statement claimed.

While Mobily, the second mobile-phone license holder announced giving away SR500,000 prizes (SR100,000 each to its five winners) for participants in its roaming competitions during the recent Haj season.

“Mobily gives away five SR100,000 prizes to five winners in its international roaming competition, which the company had launched during the 1429 Haj season,” a press statement said.

The five winners were Ahmed Salem Al-Jaberi (UAE), Maysaa Abbas Ayyoub (Egyptian), Khaled Mohammed Al-Halabi (Qatari), Saeed Hassan Ba-Mashmoos (Yemeni) and Mohammed Yousef Nibi (Indonesian). The five winners were announced at a ceremony attended by a number of Mobily officials and a representative from Riyadh Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

Khalid Al-Kaf, Mobily’s CEO congratulated the winners of the roaming competition and thanked them for using Mobily’s network during their visit to the Kingdom.
He said that Mobily signing of hundreds of roaming agreements with several operators across the world played a crucial role in publicizing “Mobily and making it the network of choice for the Kingdom’s visitors.”

Mobily had announced the international roaming contest in November for Haj 1429 season. Visitors to the Kingdom, whether on Haj, tourism or business that used Mobily’s network were automatically enrolled into the competition

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