Monday, February 23, 2009

Roaming - revenue opportunities

Roamware Transforms Roaming Regulations Into Revenue for Operators

Roamware Inc., the leading provider of mobile roaming solutions, today announced the launch of Data Tariff Advisor and Roaming Service Controller. Both products enable operators to meet proposed European Union regulations mandating the introduction of tariff transparency, control and safeguard mechanisms for roaming use of data services. The solutions seamlessly address the regulatory requirements while transforming them into revenue generating opportunities for operators; improving customer retention, increasing roaming data usage and reducing fraud.

The Data Tariff Advisor is a new module of Roamware's world leading Outreach Messaging (OM) product, specifically focusing on the nuances of the Tariff Transparency regulation proposed to come into force in 2009. It supports data tariff notifications, as an evolutionary step from the voice/SMS tariff notifications already in common use, and delivers personalised notifications to roamers.

The Roaming Service Controller solution enables voice and data service control, meeting the regulatory requirements for subscriber-defined usage limits, proposed for 2010. It monitors the usage of voice, SMS and data services, empowering users to proactively control roaming data charges with self service mechanisms that pre-define usage thresholds. It provides warning notifications and restricts access to prevent subscribers from breaching their thresholds.

The modular nature of both solutions enables operators to gradually achieve compliance in alignment with the regulatory timeframe. Moreover, the transparency and control that the solutions afford is expected to increase roaming usage of data services by allaying consumer fears of bill shock. Operators will also be able to maximise existing roaming margins by minimising fraud and invoice disputes, while leveraging business intelligence on roaming rates to improve their marketing plans.

"In the ever changing roaming market, revenue assurance is increasingly critical for operators who need to protect their margins," said Bobby Srinivasan, President & CEO of Roamware. "Roamware is constantly innovating to help operators cost effectively introduce solutions that will enable them to meet regulatory requirements while improving customer retention, increasing roaming data traffic and reducing fraud."

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