Monday, February 23, 2009

Saudi Arabia - roaming

Mobily subscribers roam free with 100 operators in 56 countries

All of Mobily’s subscribers, prepaid and postpaid, can receive calls for free when roaming in 56 countries, the company said on Friday. Mobily made this possible through “Tejwali”, the world’s largest roaming deal with 100 global mobile operators. Subscribers to Mobily’s elite package Raqi get one – or rather six – better: in addition to those 56 countries, they can receive calls for free while roaming in six more countries – Lebanon, Morocco, the UK, Spain, Austria and Germany. Those 56 countries include the UAE, Egypt, Bahrain, Jordan, the Sudan, Libya, France, Switzerland, Japan, Finland, Denmark and Norway. This unprecedented advantage allows Mobily subscribers to receive national and international voice calls and SMS messages for free with any operator in 51 countries. However, they can roam for free with only specific operators in the UAE, Bahrain, Egypt, the Sudan and Jordan. Humoud Al-Ghobaini, Mobily’s Senior Manager of Corporate Communications, said that Mobily is working to add more countries to the list, adding that this depends on how promptly the other international operators respond to the negotiations. Ghobaini said that Mobily ultimately wants to make this advantage available to all of its subscribers all over the world. He added that Mobily caries the entire costs of call reception in those countries, without the subscriber having to pay anything, which make the advantage completely free. These agreements are the widest-reaching in the world, in that they are not only confined to Mobily’s sister companies in the UAE and Egypt, but also allow subscribers to hop from one network to another for free or select specific networks to roam with.

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