Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Australia - Regulator has revised the list of initial points of interconnection for the NBN

[accc] The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission today issued a revised list of initial points of interconnect (POI) to the National Broadband Network (NBN).

"The revised list represents the agreed number and location of initial POI to the NBN. It follows a public confirmation process into the 120 initial POI that was developed by NBN Co in consultation with the ACCC and published in December last year," ACCC chairman Graeme Samuel said.

Submissions to the public confirmation process suggested the relocation, addition and consolidation of a number of POIs. The ACCC and NBN Co have considered the submissions in light of the competition criteria in the ACCC advice to government and the NBN Co planning criteria released in December.

After considering submissions, a small number of POI locations have been added and amended. The revised list of 121 initial POIs and submissions to the public confirmation process are available on the ACCC website.

It is also important to review the location of POI to the NBN over time. The ACCC expects the process for any subsequent relocation of POIs will be incorporated into NBN Co's special access undertaking.

The ACCC will maintain an updated list of POIs to the NBN.

The availability of competing fibre infrastructure was a key element of the ACCC's competition criteria. The ACCC has therefore also released today information about the number of competing fibre infrastructure owners across the country.

ACCC announces outcome of NBN points of interconnect confirmation process

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