Friday, March 04, 2011

New Zealand - Regulator is reviewing pricing of wholesale bitstream access

[national business review] The Commerce Commission is reviewing unbundled bitstream (UBA) broadband pricing, covering pricing components not included in a review of UBA data transmission costs already being carried out.

The UBA service allows telecommunications companies to supply broadband services to retail customers without the need to replicate Telecom's copper local loop.

Telecommunications commissioner Ross Patterson said the decision to carry out the latest review was a result of submissions received throughout the current review's consultation phases.

Another factor was the Ministry of Economic Development's release of a supplementary order paper to the Telecommunications Amendment Bill. The bill, if passed, would lock in the UBA price for three years, Dr Patterson said.

"The Commission is conscious that a decision needs to be made in a timely manner given the importance of the UBA price to the companies involved but is equally conscious of the importance of fully addressing all issues raised in submissions."

Review of unbundled bitstream broadband pricing

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