Wednesday, March 02, 2011

France - Former France Telecom CEO, Didier Lombard, will leave the company in its best interests

[reuters] Didier Lombard, who stepped down as chief executive last year after a wave of suicides hit France Telecom, said on Wednesday he would leave the company.

Lombard, who was expected to stay at the group as special adviser to current Chairman and CEO Stephane Richard on strategic options, said he had decided to give up that role in the "best interests" of France Telecom.

Last week, Chief Executive Stephane Richard took on the added post of chairman following the resignation of Lombard, who was initially supposed to remain chairman until June.

Lombard, who became France Telecom's chairman and chief executive in February 2005, said in a statement he hoped the group will "be able to move forward with dignity and confidence, pursuing its development both in France and internationally, under the direction of Stephane Richard,"

Former France Telecom boss Lombard leaves company

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