Saturday, March 26, 2011

USA - The regulator has approved Qwest's purchase of Century-Link

[omaha] The Qwest-CenturyLink merger took a big step toward becoming official Friday as the Federal Communications Commission approved the deal.
In doing so, the FCC imposed a number of broadband requirements, including access for low-income consumers and increased capacity, along with protections for competitors. The combined company will be required to offer qualifying households in its 37-state footprint broadband access for less than $10 per month, and a computer for less than $150.
The company also will need to spread broadband speeds of 4 megabits per second to 4 million homes and businesses and 20,000 institutions like schools and libraries.
Oregon is the only remaining state yet to give the deal the go-ahead.
The companies expect to close the merger on April 1.

FCC approves Qwest merger

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