Monday, March 14, 2011

Australia - Tasmanian business complain that the roll-out of the NBN has been bungled

[abc] Tasmania's main business lobby has attacked the rollout of the National Broadband Network (NBN) saying it has been bungled.

The Chamber of Commerce and Industry has told a Federal Parliamentary inquiry sitting in Hobart that the NBN Co. is a secret society.

The chamber's Robert Wallace said the NBN had enormous potential for business and education but the rollout had been bungled.

Mr Wallace said the towns of Scottsdale, Smithton and Midway Point were chosen for the stage one rollout because they were in marginal seats.

He says super fast broadband has simply allowed people to download videos faster and that the uptake range would have been larger, and the opportunities maximised, if Hobart and Launceston had been connected first.

Mr Wallace told the inquiry the chamber has not had any contact with NBN Co. or Tas NBN in at least eight months because it is frustrated with what he says is a secret society.

Business slams 'bungled' broadband rollout

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