Tuesday, March 08, 2011

UK - Scottish Executive has published "Scotland's digital future" its national broadband plan

[isp review] The Scottish government has released its new national digital strategy - Scotland's Digital Future: A Strategy for Scotland (PDF), which sets out in more detail how they intend to achieve their digital "ambitions" and improve the country's broadband internet access.

As you might expect their ambitions are broadly in line with the UK and Europe's wider strategies. To be specific, their ambition is to make next generation broadband available to everybody by 2020. They hope to make "significant progress" on this by 2015. However the report does not define what next generation broadband actually is and instead points the UK's wider strategy (Britain's Superfast Broadband Future).

Furthermore Scotland wants the country's rate of broadband uptake to be at or above the UK average by 2013, and should be highest among the UK nations by 2015. At present 61% of the population have taken broadband, which is available to 99%. By contrast the UK average is 71%.

Scotland UK Reveals National Digital Future and Broadband Internet Access Strategy

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