Friday, June 24, 2011

3G - Cleevely complains at lack of Femtocells - operators find them too disruptive

[techeye] Although our networks are straining under the increasing demand for mobile broadband, operators are digging their heels in when it comes to helping solve the problem.

According to Cambridge Wireless, households should each have their own means of accessing mobile broadband, which will not only stop the strain we are putting on networks but also increase competition.

It wants homes to be equipped with Femtocells. However, it pointed out operators are not so keen on this idea.

Femtocells are tiny chips that connect to a broadband connection. They work in the same way a wireless network does, through access points, and they are low powered and unlicensed. Cambridge Wireless' big idea is not popular with operators. Operators are not keen as ultimately it means they are losing money, as we won't be depending on them for use of their masts.

The claims come from David Cleevely, chairman of Cambridge Wireless as the company identified the need to take new approaches to cope with the increasingly straining demand for mobile broadband.

Operators drag heels on Femtocells: Too disruptive despite network strains

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