Thursday, June 23, 2011

Australia - Telstra has moved to per minute charges for pre-paid voice, but boosted download caps to 3GB

[IT News] Telstra has significantly boosted the data quotas available to pre-paid users on its 1c text messaging plans, with new limits of between 500 MB and 3 GB.

The new Text & Data plans would provide those with $30 recharges a 500 MB data quota, upgraded from the 20 MB previously offered.

Other changes included 1.5 GB quotas for $40 recharges - up from 40 MB - while both the $50 and $60 recharge packs would receive 3 GB each, up from 40 MB and 100 MB, respectively.

The telco also removed the previous condition of 100 1c text messages to other Telstra mobiles on the pre-paid plans.

The change would affect existing and new users immediately, but existing users would only receive the data bump the next time they recharged.

The new $50 and $60 recharge packs would provide unlimited text messages to all Australian carriers.

SMS message costs increased from 25c each to 29c each once bonus messages were used up.

The recharge packs expired after 30 days.

The new plans has also marked the introduction of minute block charging for pre-paid users, as first flagged in January.

The telco said it would begin charging 78 cents for each minute of calls, rather than 40 cents per 30-second block as previously done.

Telstra boosts pre-paid data packs

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