Monday, June 20, 2011

Norway - Telenor has reported on the major network outage on 10 June caused by a software upgrade

[reuters] Telenor on Thursday handed in a report to the Norwegian Post and Telecommunications Authority where the company informs of the breakdown that affected the mobile network in Norway on Friday 10 June. The report also accounts for measures implemented to prevent similar errors from reoccurring.

"This is the most extensive breakdown that Telenor has experienced since the mobile network was established in 1993 and the demand for information is huge. We have now composed a report, which will answer the questions posed by the authorities. We will also continue the dialogue with the authorities to ensure that everybody get he answers they need," said CEO of Telenor Norway, Ragnar Kårhus.

Telenor's report shows that the error occurred in connection with a restart and software upgrade on a centrally located server for mobile broadband.

Telenor has delivered report to the Norwegian Post and Telecommunication Authority

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