Saturday, June 18, 2011

Fibre - Avg fibre to the home speeds was only 20 Mbps

[broadband reports] According to the latest data from the Fiber to the Home Council (comprised largely of companies that sell FTTH products) overall satisfaction among FTTH users continues to best that of DSL and cable customers. In a survey of 2,000 users conducted by market research firm RVA LLC -- 74% of FTTH users stated they were "very satisfied" with their broadband service -- compared to 54% for cable users and 51% for DSL users. With faster speeds FTTH users tend to pay less per MB, FTTH users paying $2.91 a month per megabit, compared to $3.83 for cable subscribers, $16.40 for DSL, and $49.38 per megabit for fixed wireless. Average speed for a FTTH connection is 19.7 Mbps down and 5.4 Mbps up, compared to 13.3 down and 2.7 up for cable, and 2.9 Mbps down and 0.7 Mbps up for DSL.

Average FTTH Connection Speed: 19.7 Mbps
see also FTTH Council

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